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ThruWay’s  wind turbine blade trailer — “BladeMaster” is  among the most innovative and advanced trailers in North America. The BladeMaster is a leading edge, innovative wind turbine blade trailer to satisfy all your wind energy transportation needs.

This extendable trailer stretches out to 165 ft. (when the collapsed length is road- legal 53 ft.), among the longest blade trailers in the industry. Of course, if the closed length does not have to conform to highway regulations, the open length can be made longer.

The BladeMaster is built around the Active Steering Metrics (ASM) system.

This  ASM technology is a fully dedicated microprocessor-controlled, electronic over hydraulic steering system which uses a software program to actuate axle turns.

Because BladeMaster can effortlessly and continuously drive around tight corners, it is ideal for transporting long and cumbersome windmill blades.

As it turns, the truck sends a signal through the kingpin sensor, specifying the radius needed by the rear axles to curve around the corner – which allows for a tighter radius than traditionally made blade trailers.

BladeMaster can manoeuver side roads and narrow windmill site roads more easily and quickly, with less support vehicles, and thus help you cut costs to transport windmill blades.

In the wake of a burgeoning global wind energy market, Thru-Way Trailer’s specialized trailers are uniquely poised to help transport large wind turbine components. The BladeMaster’s many special features include:

  • A fully dedicated steering system for one or more axles.
  • The steering system is a hydraulic, pneumatic micro-controlled system.
  • With fewer mechanical connections from the fifth wheel to the steered axle, you can save on height, weight, and maintenance.
  • With its customized steering functionality, you can drive forward and backwards.
  • Its automatic centering device, when active above a certain speed, offers you the stability of a fixed axle.
  • The steering – independent of speed — gives you the optimal steering angle, in all types of circumstances.
  • You can check the alarms and calibration through a display, via its PC application.


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