Our Reputation

  • Our customers, both owner operators and large fleets, tell us over and over again that “ThruWay builds the best flatbeds in the industry”. Period.
  • Our solid reputation has been built up over 40 + years. Consistent Superior Quality.  On-Time delivery.  Long Lasting trailers.
  • No wonder ThruWay trailers are known for getting the toughest jobs done — year after year.

Best-In-Class Frame Construction

  • ThruWay trailers are renowned for their strength and longevity. Innovation, R&D, and Continuous Improvement: they are built into our DNA.
  • Both our flanges and web are built of Strenx 100XF High Performance Steel from SSAB of Sweden.
  • Strenx 100XF Performance Steel is made using TMCP -Thermal Mechanical Processing, surpassing performance of ordinary high strength steels.

Engineered to Last !

  • ThruWay’s mantra Engineered to Last !  is no empty boast: the reliability and longevity of our trailers are legendary.
  • We regularly find ThruWay trailers on the road which are 30, 35 years old and older; faithfully hauling cargo and making money for the owners.
  • Not all loads are created equal. The load history of a trailer is irregular and random by nature: total number of cycles during its life is in the millions — potentially leading to fatigue failures.
  • Hence, ThruWay’s attention to well-engineered frame construction.


Fully Galvanized Trailers

  • All ThruWay trailers are galvanized (with certain exceptions for very specialized trailers). The most efficacious method to minimize corrosion is Hot Dip Galvanizing (HGD). It is a six-step process which ends in the submersion of the entire trailer in a 850-degree F bath of molten zinc.
  • In this process, molten zinc forms a series of zinc-iron alloy layers, which together with the outer zinc layer, are bonded to the parent steel surface, thus producing a barrier against corrosion.
  • Strenx 100XF Performance Steel used by ThruWay Trailers, contains the optimum chemistry composition, well suited to Hot Dip Galvanizing.
  • The ordinary T1 steels used by our competitors are prone to cracking in the galvanizing process.

Innovation and R&D

  • ThruWay is a progressive North American manufacturer known in the U.S. and Canada for delivering the functionality transport companies desire.
  • Innovation, R&D and continuous improvement are built into our DNA.
  • We do not rest on our laurels. We are proactive and also anticipate the market’s demands.
  • Our patented Deep Coil Well trailer is a typical example of our R&D efforts. Designed to haul large coils, safely and effectively by lowering the center of gravity of the load: ThruWay  pioneered the first eight-axle Deep Coil Well Hauler back in 1998.
  • Our BladeMaster ™  trailer to transport Wind Turbine blades stretches to 165 ft., among the longest in North America. Developed by ThruWay using European  technology to power electronic-over hydraulic steerable axles by computer command.

Safety – ABS Systems, Load Security, Lighting Harnesses

     ABS System

  • For maximum safety and reliability, ThruWay trailers are fitted with the Wabco-Sealco ABS system. In addition to factory combinations of sensors/modulators, customers have the option to specify ABS configurations. Audited by Sealco experts to ensure conformity.
  • In fact, ThruWay has been commended by Wabco- Sealco experts for superior results of brake timing tests: computer analyses show correct sequence and time-to-brake application which reduces premature brake wear: contributes to an even brake lining replacement.
  • Less maintenance cost compared to other manufacturers’ trailers.

    Load Security

  • Variety of loads require different types of load securement. ThruWay can supply several types of systems to safely secure loads. These are tested to ultimate breaking strength in Labs and certified by OEM suppliers.

  • While D-Rings and winches are the “common- varieties”, ThruWay is experienced in installing a number of special types: including pull-chain tie downs; inverted U-Bolts, connected chain links in side through, sliding “sea-horse” chains on outer channels, among others.

Lighting Harnesses

  • Since Lights & harness are a big concern for operators, ThruWay trailers are equipped with Grote Ultra-Blue-Sealed Harness system which has one of the best warranties in the industry.
  • Grote Factory sealed harnesses, front to back: . No corrosion. No shorting out.
  • Of-course, LED lights are standard throughout.