The thruway advantage

Our customers tell us over and over again that “ThruWay builds the best trailers in the industry”. Don’t take our word for it. Just ask our countless satisfied customers why they prefer to buy ThruWay trailers over any other brand.

ThruWay Specialized Trailers has built up a solid reputation over a period of 40 years for the legendary longevity of its trailers; consistent superior quality, and on-time delivery.

Innovation and Continuous Improvement are built into our DNA: ThruWay was the first company in North America to design and manufacture multi-axle Deep Coil Well trailers to haul large coils; first to engineer and deliver 165 feet long Wind Turbine Blade Trailers; and instrumental in introducing European electronic-over-hydraulic technology to automatically steer axles.

We don’t rest on our laurels. In keeping with our dedication to continuous improvement, ThruWay now uses special steel made using advanced Thermo -Mechanical Controlled Process (TMCP) to fabricate our trailer frame. This high performance Strenx 100 XF steel used in our main beams is far superior to the normal T1 steel used by our competitors. And to make sure you get decades of protection against rust, ThruWay trailers are hot-dip galvanized — now offered as a standard feature.

To cap it all, trailers manufactured by ThruWay hold their value much better than those of our competitors. ThruWay Specialized Trailers: Your assurance of simply the best performing trailers on the road today.



Over the years, ThruWay has supplied us with dozens of multi-axle steel trailers for hauling large steel coils and other steel products. ThruWay’s Deep Coil Well trailers have proven to be excellent to postion coils at a low center of gravity; which promotes safety for the driver and loads.

ThruWay’s people are professionals who are great to work with, and ThruWay’s trailers can take a beating and keep on working.

If your transportation needs require steel trailers, I definitely recommend ThruWay Trailers.

Paul Russo
Alco Transportation, P.R. Transportation, American Motor Lines, Steel Pro– Wayne, (Detroit) Michigan, USA
RCT Transportation– Hamilton, Ontario, Canada

In the crane and rigging business, we need specially designed trailers.

From our very first meeting, I was convinced that ThruWay understood what we wanted from our trailers. ThruWay ’s people are professional and excellent to work with.

Every trailer ThruWay has designed and built for us, has been on the mark and has performed exceedingly well. I strongly recommend ThruWay for all your trailer needs.

John Wozniczka
JPW Riggers & JPW Group of Companies
Syracuse, New York State, USA

We completed the Champlain Bridge contract handily. Your ThruWay trailers were perfect for that contract. We delivered 1,500 loads of concrete slabs in 3 months, never seen for such a contract.

So now we are ready for another big contract next year, that would be more than the Champlain Bridge, we will crush the competition with help from Trans East and quality ThruWay Trailers.

Billy Mondor
Vice President
Mondor Express
Montreal, Quebec, Canada

Over the years, we must have purchased 100’s of ThruWay flatbed steel trailers. Many of these trailers are now with second and third owners, after many tears of use by Manitoulin. With millions of miles under their belt, I am happy to say that trailers built by ThruWay have done their job exceedingly well.

Flatbed Division
Manitoulin Transport
Manitoulin, Ontario Canada
Manitoulin Transport has the most extensive transportation network in North America.

I wanted my new trailers to be trouble- free and last for a long time. ThruWays have always had a great reputation for their quality and longevity. So, I purchased new — fully galvanized ThruWay five-axle flatbeds through TransEast Trailers. I am very impressed with their quality and how they perform.

I transport steel coils every day and my ThruWay trailers do the job they were designed for. I highly recommend ThruWay for all your trailer needs.

Kevin Viveros
Viveros Transportation
Toronto, Canada

For my money, ThruWay builds the best steel trailers in North America.

In our various companies, we must have purchased dozens of ThruWays over the past 20 years. They outperform and outlast any other trailers on the road today. There is only one company to buy steel flatbeds from — ThruWay Trailers.

John Nowka
Alco Transportation
Steel Pro
Indiana , USA