To manufacture and supply Engineered to Last ! tm  trailers to help our customers maximize their profitability and achieve  primacy, superior reputation, and high visibility in transportation of goods.

Our Reputation

  • Our customers, both owner operators and large fleets, tell us over and over again that “ThruWay builds the best flatbeds in the industry”. Period.
  • Our solid reputation has been built up over 40 + years. Consistent Superior Quality.  On-Time delivery.  Long Lasting trailers.
  • No wonder ThruWay trailers are known for getting the toughest jobs done — year after year.

Engineered to Last !

  • ThruWay’s mantra Engineered to Last ! tm  is no empty boast: the reliability and longevity of our trailers are legendary.
  • We regularly find ThruWay trailers on the road which are 30, 35 years old and older; faithfully hauling cargo and making money for the owners.
  • Not all loads are created equal. The load history of a trailer is irregular and random by nature: total number of cycles during its life is in the millions — potentially leading to fatigue failures.
  • Hence, ThruWay’s attention to well-engineered frame construction.


Innovation R & D

  • ThruWay is a progressive North American manufacturer known in the U.S. and Canada for delivering the functionality transport companies desire
  • Innovation, R&D and continuous improvement are built into our DNA.
  • We do not sit on our laurels. We are proactive and also anticipate the market’s demands.
  • Our patented Deep Coil Well trailer is a typical example of our R&D efforts. Designed to haul large coils, safely and effectively by lowering the centre of gravity of the load: ThruWay  pioneered the first eight-axle Deep Coil Well Hauler back in 1998.
  • Our BladeMaster tm trailer to transport Wind Turbine blades stretches to 165 ft., among the longest in North America. Developed by ThruWay using European  technology to power electronic-over hydraulic steerable axles by computer command.