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  • Engineered to Last
  • Trailer frame made from Strenx 100XF Performance steel. Superior to ordinary T1 steel
  • I-Beams 100% welded inside & out
  • Cross Z-Bracing full length of trailer
  • 4” Mini cross beams @ 12” centers
  • Camber built in to one-piece
  • Whole trailer Hot Dipped Galvanized
  • Several layers of zinc-iron alloys bonded to parent steel
  • Authentic Apitong ship-lap flooring
  • Weather proof Blue Seal Wiring System. All LED lights. Best in class warranty
  • Meritor-Wabco ABS system by Sealco
  • ThruWay’s Superior Brake Timing Sequence


  • Your assurance of Strength & Longevity
  • Best in class strength to weight ratio
  • Superior load bearing capacity
  • Minimal deflection. Retains camber
  • Provides superior torsional strength
  • Prevents premature fatigue failure
  • Most effective way to resist corrosion from rust
  • Beats painted trailers hands down
  • Superior strength; defense against load abuse
  • Protects against inclement weather
  • No corrosion. No shorting
  • Maximum Safety and Reliability
  • Prevents premature brake wear
  • Even wear all brake linings

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Call-  Saifu Mawji at 437-999-7750

For Operations


Call-  Raj Sembhi at 416-558-2991


Gurmander at 647-388-1728