Size DOES Matter when you have to move a windmill blade!

When size and length come into play, you need a steerable trailer.

Featured in Road Today, American Cranes & Transport, and Western Canada Highway News, BladeMaster™ is highly regarded as the Best Performing North American blade trailer at the fairest market price. With the most advanced trailer  steerable system available in North America, BladeMaster™ allows drivers to carry oversized blades around tight corners easily and effectively and has been trusted to help build wind farms globally, from Santiago, Chile, to Dallas, Texas.

BladeMaster™ features:

  • 165 Feet of Driving Power
  • Three-Axle Automatic Kingpin Steering
  • Electronic Over-Hydraulics
  • Best Weight-to-Strength Ratio on the Road
  • Available in 2 and 3-axle models

Backed by a solid pricing strategy and in-house engineering capabilities, Thru-Way is able to tailor each BladeMaster™ per customers’ regional specifications, at a cost that enables global access to Canadian innovation.

Read how BladeMaster™  helped move windmill blades over mountains!

See BladeMaster™ in Action!

Check out this live video of how the leading-edge VSE steering system helps BladeMaster™ turn tight corners.